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What You Can Expect
A Process Improvement Powerhouse

Lee Kuntz takes your most valuable asset — your team — and amplifies their continuous process improvement skills-and-will.

Her training and coaching help your team achieve your business goals with less time, talent, and resources wasted.

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What You Get

  • The results you need within 3 months.
  • Answers to your specific challenges and goals.
  • Employees who have the skills-and-will to achieve those goals.
  • A thought leader with proven successes and experience in your sector.
  • A new culture of improvement.

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Benefits People Have Achieved

  • Recaptured over 4,000 work hours.
  • Full use of expensive technology.
  • Navigated the busiest day in company history successfully.
  • Achieved error-free results year after year.
  • Created new shared-service function.
  • Delivered to customers in half the time.

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Do Any of These Pain Points Sound Familiar?

Tight budgets are causing overwhelming workloads.

We can help you add capacity and reduce error rates while staying within your budget.

Facilitating Large Process Improvement Projects >>

Demoralized teams can’t deliver the results you need.

We amplify your team members’ existing skills and transform them into agents who create real, measurable results.

Coaching Your Team to Success >>

A thorny issue is blocking goals set by the board or upper management.

Our specialization in organizations that serve and help lets us precisely identify what you’re doing right and what is blocking your results.

Creating Winning Process Improvement Strategy >>

Implementation of a new system is needed, but the team is hesitant.

We help move your culture from the way it’s always been done to let’s do it better.

Inspiring Teams to “Walk the Talk” >>

Case Studies
Innovation in Action

Explore short case studies that demonstrate how our proven approach cures operational pain and creates
measurable improvement.

Deliver Promised System Integration Results

These leaders gained approval to implement a new multimillion-dollar system, promising a big return on investment. How would they deliver on this promise?


Build Scalability To Successfully Serve Community and Foster Equity

Community members were queuing up for services faster than this organization could handle. How could this nonprofit get in front of growth to enable them to foster racial equity?


Build Error-Free Scalability

It was one of their worst nightmares. With their recent growth, the organization’s double checks failed. Given the continued growth, how could they solve this problem ongoing?

Explore our Case Studies

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Safe and Effective Live, Online Process Transformation Training and Coaching

To meet our customers’ ongoing needs for results even during this time of social distancing, we are delivering all our process transformation training and coaching services through a live, online format. Our advanced tools can be flexibly applied during these sessions to serve your organization’s needs.

Learn more about our online process transformation coaching and training packages at https://www.improveprocess.net/services/.