Invitation to participate: IPD 2022 Operations Opportunities Survey

Month: December 2021

Invitation to participate: IPD 2022 Operations Opportunities Survey

December 28, 2021 | 11:46 am

Operations–the work done to execute an organization’s mission–is critical to success. Given this, Lee Kuntz of Innovation Process Design is conducting a ten-question operations survey. The purpose of the survey is to gather information to help philanthropic organizations identify their next opportunities maximize their people, systems and processes to improve their operations outcomes.

IPD 2022 Operation Opportunities Survey


This survey asks about changes organizations expect to make in 2022 and also looks back at the operations improvements organizations made during the pandemic. Because operations include people, processes, and tools, the survey questions cover each of these areas.

Are you a philanthropic operations leader interested in identifying your organization’s next operations opportunities and in helping others in the philanthropic sector? Then we invite you to share your expertise by answering this ten-question survey.

Lee and Innovation Process Design look forward to sharing the survey findings and analysis in a summary report and in webinars in 2022.

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