Community Foundations Flex Process Improvement Muscles to Achieve Substantial Results

Community Foundations Flex Process Improvement Muscles to Achieve Substantial Results

February 25, 2019 | 4:33 pm

Community foundations across the nation are flexing their process improvement muscles. They are achieving impressive results, including:
• Recapturing hundreds—even thousands—of work hours
• Delivering better or faster grants or donor acknowledgements
• Maximizing a big technology investment
• Breaking down crippling silos across the organization
• Creating a culture of improvement

For example, Communities Foundation of Texas used process improvement training and coaching to transform a contributions process from 58 to 25 steps. They immediately started recapturing time, which enabled them to reinvest it in donor and grantee value-added services. They expect to recoup over one thousand hours from their investment.

Is this an anomaly? Actually, many community foundations report these impressive results. In fact, every community foundation we worked with significantly streamlined its processes. As shown in the graph below, these leaders reduced their number of steps by 52 percent. With each wasteful step removed, these foundations better positioned themselves to accomplish their central mission of increased impact.

The Secret: Building Process Improvement Muscles

Leaders and staff can learn how to achieve measurable results through our one-day Think Differently Process Improvement Workshop™. Designed specifically for community foundations, this workshop equips you and your community foundation colleagues by taking you through an intensive day of learning and practice. Attendees routinely say they take home improvement ideas they can implement immediately, particularly by addressing “pain points” that slow down their work processes. They often comment how process improvement opportunities will help them save time, deliver better service to donors and grantees, and create bigger impact in their community.

“Lee took what we thought would be a complex methodology and made it easy for us to apply. This approach worked great for us.” – Kirk Wong, Vice President Finance and Grant Operations, Marin Community Foundation

In 2019, community foundations will have two opportunities to learn these skills: May 2 in Dallas, Texas, and August 22 in Orlando, Florida. Learn more at: One-Day Think Differently Process Improvement Workshop. Or contact Lee Kuntz to get detailed registration information.

Over a thousand hours of work time are just waiting to be recaptured by your team so you can reinvest them in your community. Take the first step to learn more!

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