IPD Newsletter for June – Your Organization’s Operations and Process Opportunities

IPD Newsletter for June – Your Organization’s Operations and Process Opportunities

June 27, 2023 | 8:00 am

Operations process tip for the quarter: Successful process improvement creates improved outcomes. When process improvement is done well, it enables organizations to deliver services to their community better and faster. It recaptures capacity and engages employees.

In all my firm’s workshops, I help participants identify the outcomes they wish to achieve and then collaborate with them to design the processes that will get them there. See our training here: Energized, Inspired, and Engaged

Bust These Myths and Save 2,800 Hours in Day-to-Day Operations
How much of your organization’s general expenses go toward software? My survey found community foundations spend between 10% to 30% of their annual general expense on software. With this challenge in mind, here is my recently published article about how today’s foundations are maximizing their software investment. Bust these myths and save 2,800 hours in day-to-day operations.

And here is the story of one foundation’s journey to build their skills and make new software pay for itself. Build Process and System Success through a One-time Process Investment. Feel free to contact me, lee@improveprocess.net to talk about your technology goals and costs, to ask questions, or to catch up.

What Will Your Organization Accomplish in the Next Four Months?
For many philanthropic organizations, November marks the beginning of the donation season during which they will receive a large part of their annual revenue. Do your organization’s processes need a tune-up so you are positioned for success during your busiest quarter? See What will your organization accomplish in the next four months?

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