Case Studies

Build Continuous Improvement Results and Support

Lee Kuntz coached a continuous improvement leader and team to improve results and support, gaining the head count needed.


Leading a continuous improvement group was a dream job, though the challenges were not. This director of improvement needed two more improvement specialists to get the results the department needed. However, the answer to his budget request was always no. He was not being heard or understood. A continuous improvement group only lives as long as its support and results. With this in mind, how could this director get his program out from underneath the hovering grey clouds?


The director engaged Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz to help get answers to create the needed support. Lee assessed the situation and recommended a customized continuous improvement plan to address the needs. This plan included building the tools to achieve and effectively communicate improved results, paving the path to adequate funding.

Lee trained the existing three improvement specialists on more advanced continuous improvement tools, growing their skills-and-will to get results. Lee coached the director to deliver concrete evidence and effectively communicate the improved results. The director’s team was now equipped to take on more complex challenges. The director said Lee’s work was done on time and on budget.


Projects led by the department’s improvement specialists started to consistently achieve measurably improved results. The grey clouds began to part. Each project delivered concrete improvement numbers that were more effectively communicated to leadership.

Improvement work became easier to sell. As a result, department leadership now actively champions improvement projects, and the director consistently receives requests for his team to lead these projects. This time, when the director made his budget request, two new improvement specialists were approved. His team now shines bright.

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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