Case Studies

Integrate Successfully to Cut Cost and Deliver More

Lee Kuntz coaches two teams to create one powerful identity that now delivers faster, better, more consistent business results at a lower cost.


The vice president brings two organizations together to establish shared services to capture cost savings and to deliver better results. With the potential positive outcomes, it was a recommendation leadership quickly approved. The two organizations moved into the same office space, and roles and responsibilities were clearly outlined and implemented. Operations were off and running.

However, service results turned south. Customer questions piled up, staff started to fight then started to quit, and the cost savings were not being realized. How could these important relationships be restored and results turnaround?


The vice president engaged Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz to bring a new set of eyes to the challenges before them. Lee recommended a customized process improvement plan to help the team understand, control and improve results together. Once Lee trained the team in the process improvement tools for their industry, the teams were coached through a process improvement project. The vice president said the process improvement training and coaching were done on time and on budget.

In three months the two polarized teams became one powerful and knowledgeable work group ready to tackle their challenges together. Employees abandoned their entrenched positions and used their new process skills to work smarter and faster.


The organization is now in control of their work, and the results promised by establishing shared services were realized. Employee morale and retention increased. In addition, the team continues to transform their joint work processes.

The vice president of operations said, “We wouldn’t be at this stage without your help. I am very pleased that people are ‘walking the talk.’ They are doing what they learned. The process and results improvement training and mentorship was very powerful.”

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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