Want ROI? Invest in Your Team’s Process Improvement Muscle

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Want ROI? Invest in Your Team’s Process Improvement Muscle

May 14, 2018 | 7:50 pm

Community foundation leaders say they were happy with the process improvement report generated by their accountant or consultant. At the same time, these leaders were frustrated because they could not get support to implement the outsider’s ideas. They paid thousands of dollars for the report and have almost zero return on their investment (ROI). Their credibility is on the line. Can you relate?

Community Foundation Employees Significantly Impact ROI

Process improvement is the change in employees’ work steps to improve outcomes. Even with the best consultant, employees may not fully understand and support the consultant’s process recommendations. After all, who knows your processes best? Your employees!

When employees don’t fully support an outsider’s recommendations, they may not fully engage in implementing and owning the improvement ideas. Without engagement and ownership, the report’s improvement ideas don’t get implemented. Without implementation, the foundation achieves zero or negative ROI in the improvement report.

Build Your Employee’s Process Muscles to Achieve ROI

When the foundation invests in building employee process skill through improvement training and coaching, they achieve better results. By harnessing the power of their employees and amplifying their process skills- employees get in the improvement game.

Newly skilled and coached employees create better improvement ideas – those that actually work with your foundation’s complexities. Employees fully implement their own, well thought out, improvement ideas. They go the extra mile to make their own ideas work. And they keep those improvements in place. These employees see and enhance processes with their new skills right when they see the process train starting to come off the tracks.

Lee Kuntz shares “Foundations say that when they invest in building employee process muscle, they achieve employee support to improve and ongoing implementation and process ownership. This is exactly where the foundation’s ROI comes from.”

Track Record of Investing in Process Improvement Investment

Evidence supports the investment in employees as process improvement and process management resources. Foundations achieved these impressive results by building skills through process improvement training and coaching.

Cut gifts operations time by 60%.
Error free for 3 years.
• Busiest giving day in foundation’s history without a hitch or error, and the team went home at end of work day.

Case Study: Learn how a chief financial officer at a large community foundation invested in process improvement training to recapture over 60% of the team’s time and now delivers to donors faster.

They achieved superior results from this investment. You can too. Contact Lee Kuntz with the pain points you see.

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