Think Differently Process Improvement Workshop TM

Amplify Process Improvement Skills-and-Will to Achieve the Results You Need

Is your community foundation experiencing overwhelming workloads and tight budgets, yet need more capacity? Are you struggling to meet client and board demands for better and faster results? Do you need to maximize your foundation’s big technology investment?

Community foundations like yours take the first step to cure these pain points and achieve great results through Think Differently Process Improvement Training™. This nuts-and-bolts, one day training is tailor-made for community foundations. One used this training and our coaching to take their gifts process from 58 steps to 25 better steps, getting about 50 percent of their work time back.

Foundations have achieved the following results and more. Which of these would you like to achieve?

  • Recapture thousands of work hours
  • Be error-free for 3 years
  • Deliver to donors and grantees in half the time
  • Create smooth process between departments
  • Maximize use of expensive technology
  • Achieve ongoing improvement

Amplify your process improvement skills to get improved results.

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Think Differently Process Improvement Training™ focuses on giving your employees the knowledge to see and solve opportunities specific to community foundations. Attendees say they now see their organization’s process improvement opportunities and are equipped to become valued members of their foundation’s process improvement team.

“Lee took what we thought would be a complex methodology and made it easy for us to apply. This approach worked great for us.”

– Kirk Wong, Vice President Finance and Grant Operations, Marin Community Foundation

Training Date 1: May 2, 2019 Location: Dallas, Texas OR Training Date 2: August 22, 2019 Location: Orlando, Florida
Included: One full day of in person process improvement training just for community foundations. License to one training guidebook. One-on-one conversation with Lee about putting your new skills to work.

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