Case Studies

Dig Your Team Out to Make a Real Difference

Lee Kuntz trained and mentored an organization to recapture time, gain control of their work, and improve the impact they make every day.


A nonprofit vice president of operations and her team were buried and stressed out. They were working overtime to deliver to their partners, members, and clients. Some employees have left, leaving hard to fill roles open. On top of this, the CEO set the expectation that operations should take on a new program that would make a real difference. How was this operations leader going to dig out from under this mountain, retain employees, and take on a new program – all with his existing resources?


Together, these nonprofit leaders engaged Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz to help them solve these issues. Lee studied the situation, provided answers, and recommended a customized process transformation approach to solve the pain.  Then she provided Innovation’s four-hour operations skill-and-will training that allowed employees to see opportunities in how work was done. This excited employees, with even the biggest naysayers getting on board. Then, as an independent third party, Lee mentored the employees through a deep dive to redesign how they do their work.

See how this looks in this short video: IPD Process Deep Dive Experience.


These leaders and the team cut their time to do their existing work by 60% while still delivering great results to their partners, members, and clients. Recapturing hundreds of hours, allowed this team to take on the new program.

Employees continued to improve results. Their stress levels decreased because employees gained control of their work load and could make a difference.

The nonprofit operations leader shared, “Yes, Lee delivered on target, on budget, and on time. And she brought a powerful approach. People walk the talk. They do what they learned.”

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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