Case Studies

Build Skills-and-Will to Improve Results

Lee Kuntz builds process improvement skills enabling employees to successfully improve results ongoing.


The vice president of operations saw ongoing growth. Employees were working long hours with constant operations emergencies with high risk of errors and the related reputation damage. This operations leader saw her team didn’t yet have the skills to improve processes to build capacity. How would she deliver with the ongoing growth?


The vice president engaged Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz to build the team’s process improvement skills. Lee studied the situation and recommended a customized process improvement plan to solve the specific challenges.

First, Lee trained and coached leaders to implement their process improvement plan leveraging her eight-hour Concepts and Tools of Process Transformation Workshop™.  Next Lee coached a cross-organization team through their next two large process improvement projects. In the last coaching step, Lee led the team through a workshop to build proactive process ownership to consistently deliver great results.


The culture of the organization changed from one of swirl to one of fact-based results. Employees moved from bystanders to drivers of improved results. The Board became a strong supporter of process improvement results.

Now every new employee goes through process improvement training and is assigned to an improvement project. The employee team’s most recent improvement project was completed on time, while recapturing over 60% of the operations team’s time and delivering to the customer faster. In addition, the Vice President shared, “We now make better, faster decisions.”

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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