Case Studies

Build Scalability To Successfully Serve Community and Foster Equity

Lee Kuntz trains and coaches an overwhelmed nonprofit to transform processes and operations to successfully and timely deliver to their community.


Helping community members get ready to buy a new home was the central purpose of their operations and their passion. Yet people were queuing up for onboarding services faster than this nonprofit could handle. Therefore, community members were waiting up to 90 days to get help. As hiring more staff was not workable within their budget, they needed to find capacity within their existing resources. Given the expected continued growth in demand, how could this nonprofit solve this ongoing problem?


Since the manager responsible for this program had faced this capacity challenge before, she knew to contact Innovation Process Design (IPD) for help in addressing the backlog. IPD’s Lee Kuntz, certified process management trainer and coach, studied the situation and recommended a process transformation training and coaching package to lead the team to solve their pain points.

First Lee provided IPD’s cornerstone three-hour Think Differently Training. Through this training, attendees learned to spot wasted process steps and moved from resisting to driving improvement.

Then Lee coached the team in planning and carrying out a one-day deep dive into the organization’s onboarding process. The IPD coached team redesigned processes, transforming onboarding from 60 laborious steps to 35 better steps. The two outcomes of the one-day deep dive were a more streamlined approach to accomplishing the organization’s work and a detailed plan to put the new processes in place. At the conclusion of the day’s coaching work, the program manager felt confident that the team was ready to make the necessary changes to serve its clients faster, more efficiently and effectively.


This engaged team worked diligently to put their new process in place. Once implemented, the team reported that onboarding was indeed faster, with clients now served between 7 and 20 days. This proactive program manager was recently promoted, a great acknowledgement of her forward thinking, leadership, and skills.

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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