Case Studies

Relieve Overwhelming Workloads

Lee Kuntz coaches team to capture one third more capacity and successfully navigate the highest volume transaction day in the company’s history.


Leadership set a goal to double the customer base in three years. However, hiring additional staff to handle these new customer transactions was not part of that plan. Instead, these leaders needed to work more efficiently. The Service Operations leader knew asking her employees to take on more work could cause a mutiny from an already stretched team. How could this operations leader build capacity without adding more staff?


This leader contacted Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz. Lee studied the situation and recommended a customized process improvement plan to create capacity and improved outcomes. The plan was accepted.

Lee then trained the operations team members in the selected Lean Operations and additional process improvement tools proven to create capacity. Lee co-facilitated the first rapid process improvement event, coaching the team to create answers and an implementation roadmap.


The team reduced their time to serve their customer by more than 30% while creating one third more capacity within their existing team. Becoming a highly effective cross-functional team allowed them to successfully navigate their highest volume transaction day in the company’s history. The service operations area continues to find capacity and improves their customer’s experience through their newly learned process improvement skills. These results, new processes and continued learning have become part of the continuous improvement culture within this organization.

Feedback from the team: “Thank you for your guidance and coaching. It was a top notch learning experience. Your help getting this work done was key to our success.”

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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