Case Studies

Redesigning the Grant Process with Effectiveness in Mind

Major growth can leave an organization’s processes feeling frail. Does this sound familiar? Read on to learn how a fast-growing community foundation implemented new processes to create capacity and build skills and will among team members.


As the largest community foundation in its state, this organization was growing quickly – resulting in work silos, capacity restraints and new hires, which, in turn, created a feeling of fragility in the grant and gifting process. With these changes, leaders were left questioning whether the foundation could continue to deliver grants and gifts on time and accurately or if they would miss deadlines and have gaps in quality. They needed a process redesign to help simplify operations and deliver more effectively for grantees.



Aiming to implement new processes, this foundation enlisted Lee Kuntz to help them understand and solve key pain points. Through Lee’s four-hour Concepts of Process Transformation training, the project teams gained knowledge and tools to tackle the issues that came with fast growth. Lee coached the team through 24 hours of process redesign for DAF (Donor-Advised Fund) grants and then accounts payable processes that surround grantmaking. Following the training, teams have begun implementing new processes.



Through targeted training and coaching, this foundation’s teams realized that everyone is part of the solution. The process redesign resulted in each process requiring fewer steps and moving more quickly and effectively, with teams now learning and documenting each step. This has led to recaptured capacity and quicker turnaround for grants and gift confirmations, in turn leading to delighted donors. Staff are now able to act as a cross-functional team focused on service to their community.

In addition, while it can be expensive and time consuming for organizations to change systems, this team built their skills and will to tackle the changes confidently and efficiently.

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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