Case Studies

Deliver Promised System Integration Results

Lee Kuntz helped operations and technology fully integrate a new system and deliver on the promised results by recapturing time and delivering more value to customers.


An operations leader and a technology leader gained approval to implement a new multi-million dollar system, promising improved results. Improvements included recapturing time, faster service to the customer and a significant boost in the sagging bottom line. The leaders knew employees were entrenched in their current procedures, habits, and systems. They had an uphill battle to gain buy-in and adoption, which was the path to achieve promised results.


Given this challenge, the operations and technology leaders engaged Innovation Process Design’s Lee Kuntz. Lee studied the situation and recommended a customized process improvement plan to solve the specific challenge.

The leaders accepted the plan. Impacted employees participated in the specific process improvement training that allowed them to be successful in their roles. The team used their new process skills and Lee’s process improvement coaching to see their process and system opportunities. They gave up their entrenched positions to become one team, designing a solution and moving from bystanders to engaged drivers of transformation. The operations and technology leaders said the process improvement training and coaching on time, on target and on budget.


The system implementation and process redesign were successful in achieving the promised results. The new system was fully integrated into employees’ work. The team recaptured more than 20% of their time and rolled out Service Plus – a better, faster, more proactive client service level. This transformation of systems, operations and relationships was pivotal in the organization’s P & L turnaround.

The operations leader shared: “The system implementation would have transformed, but we would not have been at the stage we are now without Lee’s help and expertise. I am very pleased that employees are walking the talk. They are doing what they learned. Lee’s process improvement training and coaching were very powerful.”

These success stories demonstrate how Innovation Process Design's proven approach cures operational pain and creates measurable improvement for organizations that rely on a smooth delivery of services.

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